Visit the garden

At the CJBG, we cultivate plant diversity

A genuine museum, the Botanical Garden houses magnificent collections of living plants cultivated organically since 2015. The ideal place to relax, take a walk and discover our plant heritage.

Découvrez les multiples facettes du Jardin botanique

Détail des branches de chêne centenaire à l'automne


The botanical garden has many specimens that are on a colossal scale. Explore the garden and discover them.

Vue extérieure du jardin d'hiver

Winter garden

Discover the welcoming ambiance of the winter garden. Demanding and decorative plants, happily in the warm under glass. 

Massif de sedums au jardin des senteurs et du toucher

Scent and touch garden

Sharpen your senses, enjoy the surprise of the scent and touch garden.

Vue générale du jardin japonais et sa pagode rouge

Japanese garden

A journey to the land of the rising sun.

Vue générale des jardins ethnobotaniques, avec la serre tempérée en arrière-plan

Ethno-botanical gardens

Weed or useful plant? Discover the importance of plants in daily life.

Joubarbe (Sempervivum) en fleurs

Flower wall

Discover this small Mediterranean corner; the tufa wall provides crannies that are sheltered from the wind.

Détail d'un mouton de Saas aux oreilles tombantes

Animal park

Even some farm animals are growing rare. Can you recognise our different sheep?

Panneau explicatif au début du parcours de la charte des jardins

Garden Charter walk

A nature walk with an ear out for biodiversity

Tables de culture du potager ProSpecieRara

ProSpecieRara kitchen garden

Ancient varieties of vegetables to be preserved from oblivion. Why not grow them at home?

Vue générale des rocailles


Flora of the Alps, Corsica and the Atlas Mountains, huge botanic diversity over 110 beds. Join the enchanting world of rockeries.

Roses jaunes dans la roseraie

Historic rose garden

Roses have fascinated and captivated us since the dawn of time. Appreciate the colours, poise and perfume of our varieties.

Rucher des CJBG dans une prairie en fleurs


CJBG organic honey is the result of a long process.

Vue intérieure générale de la serre des broméliacées

The Bromeliaceae greenhouse

Special plants, brainwaves of inventiveness for the survival of the species!

Détail de floraison dans la serre des gesnériacées

The Gesneriaceae greenhouse

From Zurich to the Cape, the fate of Saintpaulia or the commercial success of an endangered plant in its original home

Vue extérieure de la serre tempérée

Temperate greenhouse

In the greenhouse, you are at the other end of the world. Enjoy it and reach for the sky!

Vue extérieure de la serre tropicale

Tropical greenhouse

The tropics on the shores of Lake Geneva…leap into the jungle!

Agave parryi dans la serre volcanique

Volcanic greenhouse

Welcome to a landscape of lavas, the kingdom of cacti and succulents

massifs de plantes vivaces devant la villa Le Chêne

Horticultural perennials

The traditional flower beds are now making way for perennial plants around the winter garden pond, as well as along the promenade that descends from the villa Le Chêne to the lake. 

Over 200 species have been chosen for this important change of direction. The result is the outcome of a collaborative process, inspired by the English tradition…

Deux visiteurs entrent au Jardin botanique par l'entrée principale

Map of the garden

Find your way around the 28 hectares of the botanical garden.

A genuine museum, it houses magnificent collections of living plants. The ideal place to relax, take a walk and discover our plant heritage – including those parts of it that are endangered.