Ce qu'il faut savoir

(Ce texte est temporairement en anglais. Merci de votre compréhension.)

Loans are granted only to recognised botanical institutions as listed in Index Herbariorum, and will only be made to destinations where secure transport exists. Loans will not be made to individuals, the latter are kindly requested to contact their local herbarium who should send us an institutional loan request.

Following collections are excluded from loan:

Prodomus, Monographia Phanerogamarum and Piperaceae of C. de Candolle (G-DC); Flora Orientalis of E. Boissier (G- BOIS); Burnat (G-BU); pré-Linnean and Burman (G-PREL) and from G the Phanerogamic type specimens; phanerogamic collections prior to 1850; Hedwig-Schwägrichen type specimens; cryptogams collected prior to 1850 and fragile specimens (these may be loaned under exceptional circumstances based on a taxonomic or nomenclatural justifications).

Note: The Cryptogamic herbarium does not send more than 30 type specimens on loan at any one time. Where appropriate, a second consignment can be sent on return of the first set of specimens.

Loan request format

The loan request should be printed on institutional letterhead, and signed by the Director of the institution or the Head Curator, as appropriate. It should include:

  1. The name and position(s) of the researcher(s). Name of the supervisor(s) for graduate students.
  2. A brief scientific explanation of the research project (why the specimens are requested).
  3. A list of currently accepted taxa, in alphabetical order, that includes the geographic area of origin,collector(s) name & number, date, and if a type, in addition, the full nomenclatural citation and synonymy and the protologue type locality.
  4. A specific request for permission for destructive sampling

All bibliographic research necessary for the typification of names must be done by the researcher requesting the loan. For specific questions on the history and the composition of our collections the researchers are kindly requested to contact the Head Curators of the Cryptogamic and Phanerogamic herbaria.

Please submit your request by email to    

Cryptogams: herb-crypto.cjb@ville-ge.ch
Phanerogams: herb-phanero.cjb@ville-ge.ch

Or by mail to

Head Curator of [Cryptogams or Phanerogams]
Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève
Case postale 71
1292 Chambésy-GE

Additional Information

Loans are granted for a period of one year. All specimens must be annotated when returned.
The receiving institution is responsible for the safe custody and return of the specimens. It must guarantee sufficient herbarium cabinet space in which to store loaned specimens safely to protect them from pests and other damage.

Loan requests and/or requests for destructive sampling may be refused, in whole or in part, based on the nature of the proposed research, the condition of the material available, if the request is considered as excessive, or if requests for destructive sampling are submitted once the loans have left G.

The quantity of outstanding loans already at the borrowing institution will also be taken into account when new loans or visits are requested. A loan, scan or visit request to G may be refused on these grounds.